Monday, December 31, 2012

Tag, I'm IT

First and foremost, a huge apology to Jemima, who was so gracious to tag me on her blog, waaaayyyyyy back in May - yes thats how bad I've been - and I'm only getting round to following up.

I could give a dozen and more reasons why I've not been able to write this post till now, but lets just say life has been happening between then and now. Hopefully, this umpteenth attempt at writing this post will not end up as yet another draft and you are actually reading it now.

Getting on with it, here's how it goes, although I guess a lot of you are familiar with how tagging works.

I gotta post 11 random things about myself and answer the questions the "tagger", in my case, Jemima, asked me, then go ahead and create 11 questions, and choose 11 people (no tag backs) and tag them to answer my own set of questions.


11 random things about myself

1. I cant have enough pillows on my bed. I always need one more. And then another, and then another.

2. My family is born across 4 continents - my oldest daughter in Europe, my younger two daughters in America, my wife in Africa, and myself in Asia. 3 more kids, 3 more planets, and we've covered the world right !

3. I recently found out, 7 years ago that is, that I have sickle-cell anemia. Yeah, that may seem strange, and it came as a shock to me too. All my life I grew up being told that I was a sickle-cell carrier. That I carried the trait but was not afflicted by the disease. Nothing suggested otherwise. I was hospitalized once maybe when I was 7, for what in hindsight now I think might have been a crisis, but have not been good since. Matter of fact, my wife has spent more nights in hospitals having our 3 daughters than I have from having a sickle-cell crisis. I found out when doctors asked to screen my wife and myself when we were expecting our first child 7 years ago. Every doctor I've seen since say I'm one in a few that have the genetic condition but dont suffer the way a typical person afflicted by sickle-cell anemia is. I praise God for that and I'm forever in God's awe, as in the last 12 or so months I've known two different families that have lost a young child each to sickle-cell anemia.

4. I've been agonizing for ages if sharing the above is something I really should do or keep it around those that are close to me. Actually, only 2 people know about it, possibly a third if my then shocked mum went on to tell my dad. But then I figured I got a platform right here to give God the glory.

5. I drink too much Coca-Cola. I'll admit that.

6. Growing up, I once mentioned I wanted to be a doctor, and my mum forever believed I really wanted to be a doctor and urged me on even though I was never really interested beyond that one mention of it. In reality, I just wanted to be a pilot. I didn't want to fly just any plane though. I wanted to fly B-52 "Stratofortress" bombers. Not because I wanted to blow-up people or places, but because its such an imposingly beautiful aircraft (I'll wait while you go Google that, just in case you don't know what a B-52 looks like. Nice Huh?). Then I grew up and realized that I needed to be in a certain kind of airforce to be able to fly a plane like that, plus they are not flown for the fun of it, its serious possibly-blow-up-places business flying planes like that.

7. I went to 5 elementary/primary schools in 7 years. I didn't get thrown out of schools or anything like that, but the nature of my dad's work had us as a family move around quite a bit.

8. I don't get tribalism. I don't get racism either.

9. Amongst the top of my list of where-I-wanna-go places: Cuba, the Serengeti, Tahiti, All over South America.

10. I love to fly - refer to random-thing-No.6  - and I generally love aviation even when I'm not flying. If I could fly to a destination 50 miles away instead of driving there I would. And I'm picky about the way I fly too. I pre-book a window seat if I can. I prefer to check-in my flight online 24 hours before and have my boarding passes printed too, if I can. I travel light, so I'm always able to pack the night before. My wife is the complete opposite of everything I've just mentioned. I get into way too much detail when picking flights to destinations that have multiple options - is it a day or night flight, window or aisle, aircraft type, direct or multi-stop, what airline, what alliance? Non of this gives me a headache, I rather quite enjoy it.

11. My worst subject in high school was Chemistry. I hated it. Ironically, my best subject during my O'level exams was Chemistry. The only subject I got a perfect grade in. I owe more to the fact that I had an awesome Chemistry teacher my last 2 years of O'level than anything else. He loved Chemistry with a passion that convinced everyone that we loved Chemistry too. I proceeded to pick Chemistry as one of my 3 subjects for my A'level, because I was still convinced that I wanted to be a doctor - refer to random-thing-No.6 again - I then proceeded to flank Chemistry at my A'level exams, thankfully bringing reality back into my life.

On to answering Jemima's Questions

1) What would you do with your life if you knew money would never be a problem?
     Give "every" neglected child a hope for a better life. Travel, travel, travel the world. In first class.

2) Do you believe in one soul mate for each person?
    Yes and No. At different times in your life, yes. At the same time in your life, no.

3) When last did you cry?
     Probably when my older brother passed away, almost 15 years ago. Have to think hard if I've had a    decent cry since then.

4) What would you change about yourself if you could, physically or otherwise?
     Be rid of sickle-cell. Trait or not.

5) Books or movies?

6) What was the most fun you had this week
    This week has just begun, but last week it was watching my 2nd Grader and Kindergartener repeat their school's Christmas performance at home to entertain family and friends we had over on Christmas, and them not getting most of anything they sang or said because it was all in Spanish. Most still didnt realize that they are in a Spanish immersion program at school, with almost all their instruction in Spanish. When asked to repeat their performance in English, my kids stood there looking at everyone clueless.

7) Have you ever struggled with an addiction?

8) What's the quickest way for a member of the opposite sex to get your attention
     Have a great sense of humor and an intelligent mind.

9) Do you like or show public displays of affection?

10) Are you currently holding a grudge against anyone?

11) What is the quickest way for a member of the opposite sex to lose your interest
      A self-centered character for the most part would wrap it up for me.

I'm going to keep it simple (for myself) and stick to asking the same questions above, that I was asked by Jemima, and tag the following people.

Tag you're it.

Mamamich, from O's blog
Chinny, from i~Spit It Out
UgandanGirl, from Honestly
Che, from Naija Bank Girl
ccPatricia, from Coffee and Conversations

Cant think to tag anybody else who I know has not previously been tagged before.

PS: Wish this tagging thing was like a Facebook or Twitter tag that automatically lets the person know they've been tagged without me having to go holla.

Have a blessed 2013 everybody.



Mrs.O said...

Hmmm, lets assume I didn't see the tag.
Wow! No.3, I praise God along with you. Thanks for sharing that is one big miracle.

Jemima said...

wow i second that, that is indeed a miracle,that you did not know all these years.... what can i say better late than never :)

Che said...

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. I bet you all had a fab celebration. Joining you in thanking God for an attack free life (even with the sickle cell anemia). It's indeed a miracle. Drinking too much Coca Cola, hmmmm, that's a lot of sugar intake, so would be good to start watching it. I used to take a lot of soft drinks and juice also, but I'm slowly reducing them now and take more of fruits. At least, the sugar from fruits is natural :-). Thanks for the tag, but I would pass on it, cos I've being tagged in the past and written a post on "The 11's".

Ginger said...

A crisis free sickle cell? that's a miracle indeed!
Well about disclosure, i guess that should be on a need to know basis (except on a health basis), you have done well without its interference all these years.